4 dages kursus: Kurset: It Takes Two to Talk  (To skal der til)
18. maj – 21. maj

I Ringkøbing-Skjern Kommune har de planlagt et virtuelt Hanen kursus med fokus på vejledning til forældre.

Der er åbent for tilmeldinger nu. De 9 af pladserne er allerede booket og der er i alt plads til 16 på holdet. Det afholdes allerede i slut maj, så man skal være hurtig med denne mulighed.

Læs nærmere præsentation på engelsk herunder.

For flere informationer kontaktes Sara Knill via sara.knill@hanen.org

Dear Colleagues,

I am excited to let you know that my organization is joining an Online Hanen Workshop called It Takes Two to Talk®! The It Takes Two to Talk workshop was developed by The Hanen Centre for Speech-Language Pathologist/Therapists to provide them with the strategies and coaching framework to empower parents to become an effective language facilitators for their child. We believe that this is a great evidence-based professional development opportunity for our staff and professionals in the area.

This specific It Takes Two to Talk workshop will run over 4 days, from May 18 – May 21, 2021 and has been designed to accommodate bilingual English and Danish speaking speech-language pathologists.

I’ve included a flyer below with more important information about the workshop.

Registration will open soon! If you are interested in attending, please sign up for email notifications by using the link below or you can contact the workshop coordinator, Sara Knill at sara.knill@hanen.org for additional information.

We would love to have you join us!

THE HANEN CENTRE : Helping you help children communicate

It Takes Two to Talk® Workshop for Speech-Language Pathologists

It Takes Two to Talk online!
This It Takes Two to Talk online workshop will run from May 18 – May 21, 2021 and takes place on Zoom over 4 full days. This specific workshop will run over 4 days rather than the typical 3 days, so that it can be run at a slower pace to accommodate bilingual English and Danish speakers. The workshop will be run in English. However, small group discussions can be done in either English or Danish.

It Takes Two to Talk shows you how to empower parents to become effective language facilitators for their child. You’ll learn how to involve parents in the goal-setting process and coach them to incorporate evidence-based language facilitation strategies into daily interactions with their child.

After completing the workshop, you’ll be certified to lead the It Takes Two to Talk Hanen Parent Program and you’ll receive practical digital resources to help you apply the strategies you learn in one-to-one therapy settings. Participants in the workshop will receive 2.15 ASHA CEUs, and a 1 year, renewable Hanen Membership.

This workshop includes four full days of live, interactive sessions, in addition to self-study components. You’ll have the chance to discuss and practice what you learn with a small group of fellow participants and receive personalized guidance and feedback from the Hanen instructor.
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Here’s what professionals are saying after taking It Takes Two to Talk:

“This will completely change my way of working. It has challenged some ingrained practices and I feel I have evolved as a therapist as a result.”
– Hanen Certified SLT (London, UK)
“This workshop was amazing, really well structured and flowed nicely. I liked that it was interactive and we had lots of opportunities to practice.”
– Hanen Certified SP (Sydney, Australia)

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